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The great series of reports on "China's Top 50 Die Casting" (4) | Good news spreads frequently, bucking the trend

Time: 2021-09-27 00:00:16

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"China's Top 50 Die Casting"

Series reports

As an outstanding representative of China's die-casting industry, the "China's Top 50 Die-casting Industry" will withstand the pressure, resist the storm and move forward in the ups and downs of 2020, achieve outstanding results, and give full play to the industry's leading role. On the occasion of the hot registration for the third "China's Top 50 Die Casting" selection, Foundry Exhibition Network specially launched the "Amazing "China's Top 50 Die Casting" series of reports", aiming to review the outstanding achievements of China's leading die-casting enterprises in the past year. Further boost the spirit, boost morale, gather strength, and encourage China's die-casting industry to make new contributions and achieve better results in the new development pattern of dual cycles.

Once the first three phases were launched, they received widespread attention from the industry and received enthusiastic responses. Now we continue to lead everyone to appreciate the excellence of the companies on the list.

|, Buck the trend

BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd.

★BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd.: During the epidemic in the first half of 2020, BYD is eager to meet the needs of the world. It produces equipment drawings in 3 days and completes the R&D and manufacturing of mask machines in 7 days. It quickly mobilized 100,000 employees. 2000 mask production lines have been built in a clean workshop of 10,000 square meters, with a maximum daily output of 100 million, making it the world's largest mask manufacturer. At the same time, BYD Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. integrated the mold, die-casting, and machining of Ford Power's subsidiary, and established the Ford Power Precision Center, which can provide supporting design of aluminum alloy die-casting parts for all platform products of fuel, hybrid, and pure electric. And processing services, processing capabilities cover auto parts such as engines, transmissions, motors, and electronic controls, as well as 5G communication base stations, and lighting display cabinets. In August 2020, the company and Shuai Chi New Materials Group jointly developed aluminum alloy die-casting templates, which expanded the construction template market, made full use of resource advantages, seized development opportunities, further enhanced competitiveness, and achieved a 20% increase in its main business. %above.

Dongguan Yian Technology Co., Ltd.

★Dongguan Yian Technology Co., Ltd.: The company provides high-quality services to global customers in the automotive, 3C, communications, medical equipment and other business fields, such as 4,000 tons of die-casting one-piece aluminum alloy battery packs, one-piece magnesium alloy cockpits, and car navigation Magnesium alloy Thixomolding precision castings, aluminum alloy two-in-one motor products, etc. In 2020, the world's first biodegradable high-purity magnesium orthopedic medical device product successfully carried out clinical trials and obtained CE certification; the subsidiary "Yihao Metal" amorphous alloy business achieved breakthrough development, leading the world to industrialize bulk amorphous technology from a dream Become a reality.

Chongqing Ruitong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

★Chongqing Ruitong Precision Technology Co., Ltd.: Adhering to the business policy of "leading technology, fine management, structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading", the company continues to innovate and develop, and has achieved a number of new results in 2020, including: (1) Low solid phase The successful application of die-casting technology has doubled the time for the mold to produce cracks, and the product qualification rate has exceeded 97%; (2) The DCT hydraulic wet dual-clutch automatic transmission housing has been successfully developed. In 2020, a total of 330,000 sets of this product will be produced, with a monthly production capacity 60,000 sets, the pass rate of die-casting to the machine plus one off-line pass rate is 96%; (3) The HF640 hybrid transmission project was successfully developed through careful analysis and careful design of the pouring scheme, mold flow, temperature field, extrusion, and cooling system , The project was a complete success 50 days ahead of schedule, and Changan Company took this cooperation as a model; (4) In 2020, three new 3,500-ton and 3,000-ton die-casting machines will be added, and the production cycle will be less than 85 seconds.

In 2021, the company will continue the construction of the intelligent transmission valve plate production line. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 2 million high-precision upper and lower valve plates, with an economic benefit of 150 million per year.

Huzhou Anda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

★Huzhou Anda Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: In 2020, the German Audi EA888 evo4 project developed by the company has successfully entered the SOP after more than 2 years of research and development and approval. Under the global epidemic situation, it has ensured customer needs and brought about the company’s business. New growth point. At the same time, the company won the designation of the last-generation traditional engine EA888 evo5 project and the first-generation new energy PPE project of German Audi in 2020. These two landmark projects represent the end of the traditional engine and the beginning of the new energy platform. As the rare Chinese supplier in the Audi system, Anda seizes the opportunity to ride the waves with Audi!

In order to allow the company to have better development, in early 2021, the company purchased 144 acres of land to expand the construction of the production base. The total construction area of the new plant is about 310,000 square meters. The planned investment is 740 million yuan. After the completion of the project, the annual output will be 1,500. The production capacity of 10,000 sets of key parts of new energy vehicles is expected to achieve sales revenue of 1,262 million yuan and profits and taxes of 19.42 million yuan after it is put into production.

Guangzhou Dezhi Metal Products Co., Ltd.

★Guangzhou Dezhi Metal Products Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2007, the company is the first wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss DGS Group in China. Integrated solutions for manufacturing, process development, production and after-sales service. The products supplied cover aluminum and magnesium alloy die-casting parts used in body structure parts, instrument panel frames, steering systems, front and rear modules, shift systems, etc. In 2020, the first phase of Dezhi Auto Parts (Rizhao) Co., Ltd., the second wholly-owned subsidiary of DGS in China, was completed and successfully entered production after being audited by many customers. After production, the factory will focus on the production of body structural parts and Complicated large and lightweight components such as battery pack casings.

Dongguan Hongtu Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd.

★Dongguan Hongtu Precision Die Casting Co., Ltd.: Founded in Hong Kong in 1969, focusing on the high-precision aluminum alloy die-casting industry, it is one of the first batch of aluminum alloy die-casting enterprises established. In 2020, affected by the sudden outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the company's export business faced severe challenges in the first half of the year, and operating pressures became prominent. In the face of unfavorable situations, the company reviewed the situation, increased domestic market development, and suppressed the risk of international epidemics; actively deployed new energy auto parts and developed new products; further refined internal management, and made positive progress in improving the quality and efficiency of business management , Production costs have dropped significantly; taking advantage of the downturn in the industry, a new batch of high-precision five-axis machine equipment was purchased to expand the company’s production capacity and improve production quality. In the end, with the hard work of all employees, the company achieved a higher-than-expected increase in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2020, a single-month output value hit a record high, and the year of the epidemic made remarkable achievements.

In the future, the company will continue to uphold the concept of "technical innovation, industry leadership, improved management, and sustainable development", and aspire to become an outstanding enterprise in the production of aluminum alloy die-casting auto parts in China, and work with customers to pave the way to success.

Kunshan Laijie Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

★Kunshan Laijie Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.: Focuses on aluminum alloy precision die-casting and precision machining, and the production of automotive steering gear housings, and has a large share in the market. As of 2020, the company's internally actively promoted automatic deburring technical transformation program has been completed one after another, and more than 40 special equipment have been introduced, effectively controlling labor costs while ensuring the continuous growth of corporate performance. At the same time, the Wuhan branch, which was officially put into operation in May 2019, exceeded the production and sales target of 100 million in 2020; the Nantong branch has also completed the construction of the plant and plans to realize the first phase of production in 2021.

Lijia Group Co., Ltd.

★Lijia Group Co., Ltd.: Lijia is a manufacturing enterprise integrating the design of precision casting, zinc-magnesium alloy, new energy products, and lightweight structural parts. Taking the revitalization of the national automobile industry as its mission and taking the development of the automobile industry as an opportunity, the company continues to increase production capacity and increase efficiency through green production. In 2020, facing the impact of the epidemic, the company adheres to market-oriented, high-quality as the core, and continues to climb on the road of "pursuing excellence, never ending", not only getting rid of the problem of outdated aluminum die-casting product technology, but also completing Gorgeous transition to a new type of die-casting process. As the 4500T and 3500T die-casting islands enter mass production, the company will create outstanding achievements in the future.

ASIMCO (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

★ASIMCO (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd.: The company was established in 1998 and officially changed its name to "ASIMCO Far East (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd." in July 2020. Now it has two production bases: "Aisidi (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd." and "Aisidi (Wuhu) Material Technology Co., Ltd.". For more than 20 years, the company has focused on the production of aluminum alloy casting products, and has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, mold manufacturing, casting production, machining, and assembly. It has an annual output of 25,000 tons of aluminum alloy. The production capacity of castings covers many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, North America and so on.

In 2020, the ESDI MES system was officially put into use, and the ongoing digitalization and information management has made the company quickly become a sophisticated and automated high-end enterprise. Relying on reliable product quality and good industry reputation, ESDI won the "Q1 Award" awarded by Ford again in 2020, and sales revenue has also reached a record high. In January 2021, the new factory of Asidi Wuhu has been officially put into production, and the use of the new factory will provide a broader space for the future development of Asidi.

Ningbo Longyuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

★Ningbo Longyuan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.: Founded in 2006, the company is a national high-tech enterprise integrating mold development, aluminum alloy die-casting, and product precision processing. It has a provincial-level high-tech enterprise R&D center and two in Ningbo Production plant area. In 2020, as the first batch of local enterprises to resume work and resume production, the company will build digital workshops, consolidate the financial foundation, and unswervingly continue to promote the introduction of mid- to high-level talents. It not only satisfactorily completed the annual operating indicators, but also achieved an annual output value of 22 % Growth of gratifying performance. In 2021, the company will focus on "strengthening the quality internally and expanding the market externally", and continue to expand, strengthen and refine in its own field.


The 2nd China Die Casting Top 50 List

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The great series of reports on "China's Top 50 Die Casting" (4) | Good news spreads frequently, bucking the trend
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