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2021 South China Premiere-Responding to the transformation and upgrading of the die-casting industry with innovative technology

Time: 2021-09-27 00:00:09

Author: 华朔


Responding to the transformation and upgrading of the die-casting industry under the new economic normal with innovative technology

In recent years, with the development of the global economy, the demand for die castings in automotive, electromechanical, telecommunications, home appliances, and medical applications has steadily increased. At the same time, the rise of lightweight, new energy, 5G, new infrastructure, and high-end consumer markets has placed higher demands on die-casting products. When the development of the die-casting industry enters a new normal, how to improve the technical level of the enterprise, how to achieve refined management, and how to develop in coordination with the application market will become the key factors for the high-quality development of the industry.

On this occasion, on the basis of the existing brand activity-"China International Die Casting Conference", the Foundry Industry Productivity Promotion Center has decided to hold the "National Die Casting Industry Annual Conference" every year starting from 2021, and join hands with China Mechanical Engineering Society and World Foundry Organization The Die Casting Committee helps my country's die casting industry to accelerate its development.

The Die Casting Conference will join hands with automotive manufacturers and other application companies, die-casting plants, supporting suppliers, universities and scientific research institutions, respectively, through six thematic sections: product development and integrated computing material engineering, alloy material development and application, high-end mold manufacturing technology, advanced Process and innovative technology, intelligent manufacturing and lean management, die-casting equipment and integrated technology, and die-casting colleagues through the "transformation and upgrading period of the die-casting industry."

Die Casting Conference Expert Organization Committee and Industry Support

In the process of preparing for the die-casting conference, the Foundry Branch of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society formed a professional expert organization committee team. With their high sensitivity to industry development and deep cultivation in the professional field, they wholeheartedly made suggestions and regarded the die-casting conference as their own The die-casting conference is based on the profound technical background, and at the same time, it radiates new vitality.


Professor Xiong Shoumei Tsinghua University

Chairman of Expert Organization Committee of Die Casting Conference

Since its establishment in 1997, the China International Die-casting Conference has been committed to promoting technological exchanges and progress, and has accompanied and witnessed the rapid development of China's die-casting industry.

Through more than 20 years of development and progress, and the joint efforts of industry, academia and research, product quality and design capabilities have been greatly improved, and they are moving towards high-quality development. However, there is still a certain gap between some key technologies and advanced manufacturing technologies, such as high-strength materials, High-end molds, intelligent chemical factories, etc. The 2021 Die Casting Conference will focus on new materials, new technologies, new processes, etc., and share cutting-edge research and practical results with the industry through keynote speeches and interactive exchanges.

In this die-casting conference, the conference organizing committee will start from the "heart", meet the needs of the industry, describe the true nature of the technology, and foresee the future of die-casting together with industry colleagues.

Expert Organization Committee Member of Die Casting Conference

Conference highlights

Technology Exchange Platform-Innovation Breaks the Game

Six themes

●Simulation analysis of vehicle parts: genetic characteristics and safety

●Simulation analysis of the whole life cycle (materials, molds, processes)

●CAE structure analysis (strength, stiffness, fatigue)

●Looking at original price management and cost management from the product production cycle

●Design of workshop and plant for super large castings

● Casting process simulation simulation technology and process optimization

●Performance improvement of traditional aluminum-magnesium alloy

●Development of new high-strength and tough cast aluminum-magnesium alloys

●Development of a new type of high thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity cast aluminum-magnesium alloy

●Development of new high heat-resistant cast aluminum-magnesium alloy

●Development of new high wear-resistant cast aluminum-magnesium alloy

●Building a new alloy material physical property processing database

●Development and application of long-life, free-cutting mold materials (die steel)

●Design and development of large-scale precision and complex die-casting molds

●Application of Additive Manufacturing in Die Casting Mould

●Intelligent design of die-casting mold

●Lightweight design and manufacturing of die-casting molds

●Vacuum Die Casting

●Oxygenated Die Casting

●Semi-solid die casting

●Squeeze casting

●Rapid prototyping

●Low pressure casting (chassis, wheel hub, cylinder head)

●Gravity casting

●Soluble core die casting technology

●Process simulation and simulation

●Expert System

●Intelligent Control System

●Workshop lean management

●Quality Management System

●Used to optimize the casting process and data collection of simulation accuracy

●Optimization and upgrade of die-casting equipment

●Integration of die-casting unit and peripheral equipment

●High-precision detection technology

●Post-processing and polishing technology for large castings

●Airless spray (micro spray) technology

Participation Guide

Call for Papers

The die-casting conference is now open to the industry to solicit papers widely, and colleagues at home and abroad who are engaged in research and application in the field of die-casting are sincerely invited to actively contribute and come to the conference!

Scope of Essays

Six themed sections:

●Product development and integrated computing materials engineering

●Development and application of alloy materials

● High-end mold manufacturing technology

● Advanced technology and innovative technology

● Intelligent manufacturing and lean management

● Die casting equipment and integrated technology

Other articles and reports related to the theory, technology, R&D and market in the field of die casting.

Paper acceptance

●The full text is included in the "2021 National Die Casting Industry Annual Conference-Proceedings of the Sixteenth China International Die Casting Conference", and also included on the "China Knowledge Network" platform.

●Excellent papers will have the opportunity to speak at the 2021 National Die Casting Industry Annual Conference.

●You will have the opportunity to be invited to enter the expert database of "Foundry Branch of China Mechanical Engineering Association" and "National Foundry Standardization Technical Committee".

●Excellent papers reviewed by experts will be recommended to "Casting", "CHINA FOUNDRY", "Special Casting and Nonferrous Alloys", "Die Casting World", "Casting World".

●The full text of the English paper will be submitted to the World Foundry Organization (WFO) and exchanged within its member states.

Paper requirements

● It has not been publicly published in domestic or foreign journals or collections of papers, and the number of words in the paper is within 6000 words (including text and diagrams).

● The content of the paper should be complete, including Chinese and English titles, Chinese and English abstracts, keywords, main text, conclusions and references.

●High-quality graphics and photos must be used in the paper, the diagrams should be clear, and the three-line table should be used for the tables in the text.

● Contributions must provide the first author's profile, detailed mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address, etc.

Paper submission

Contact: You Yi, the paper must be in word text and sent to youyi@foundrynations.com as an attachment. Please indicate "Submission to Die Casting Conference 2021" in the subject of the submission email.


Summary: December 18, 2020 

Full text: January 31, 2021

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2021 South China Premiere-Responding to the transformation and upgrading of the die-casting industry with innovative technology
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